Important Information

Payment Policy

At a minimum, written approval (e.g. purchase order) and 50% payment is required before we begin your project at Provident Furniture & Cabinetry, LLC.  Your project’s fabrication time line will be determined once 50% of full payment is received.  Due to the unique nature of each piece, all sales are final on custom orders.  Once a deposit for your custom item is placed any adjustments made to the original order may result in additional charges depending on the changes.  Custom orders are non-refundable, and your completed project will ship once all balances are paid in full.

Turnaround Time

For custom work, there is an eight week turnaround time, plus shipping.  (For very large orders – e.g. a 94′ executive conference room table – the turnaround time may be longer.)  Unlike an item that is mass-produced, each custom piece built by Provident Furniture & Cabinetry, LLC requires time to order raw materials from reputable suppliers before fabrication can begin.  Once an order is completed, one week is allowed for finishes to “cure” before the order is prepared for shipment.  The shipping process normally takes about one week, depending on your location.

Delivery and Installation Options

Your finished project can either be shipped via common carrier freight, or Provident Furniture & Cabinetry, LLC can deliver and install.  Delivery and installation is available in Michigan and select surrounding states, which includes scheduling time of delivery, set up and assembly in your location.  Please disclose your delivery preference at the time of your initial order to ensure proper scheduling time and pricing.

Wood Characteristics, Quality, Age and Color

Each piece of furniture produced by Provident Furniture & Cabinetry, LLC is unique.  We use new lumber as well as reclaimed lumber which may be decades old and has less consistency.  The appeal of our furniture is not in its perfection but rather in its utility, overall quality, and long-term durability.  There is no guarantee that two pieces will be identical.  This rule applies to veneer and reclaimed tables, hope chests and cabinetry, as well as individual pieces of wood, knots, wood/stain colors, “character marks” such as nail holes, scratches, and open cracks, etc.  Each custom item is non-returnable due to wood movement, knots, nail holes, color matching, open cracks, and other natural features of solid wood construction.

Return Policy

Provident Furniture & Cabinetry, LLC understands that investing in custom furniture is a big decision.  We work with every client to set clear expectations of quality, wood character, color, and delivery time prior to processing your order.  All of our items are custom made specific to your order.  Due to the nature of our made to order model, all sales are considered final upon receipt of payment or deposit.

At Provident Furniture & Cabinetry, LLC, each order is thoroughly inspected, photographed, and carefully packaged prior to shipment.  Your order will not ship unless it meets our strict quality standards.  While it is extremely uncommon, if your custom order is delivered damaged, DO NOT ACCEPT IT FROM THE CARRIER.  Inspect each item within the shipment while the carrier is on location and photo document issues.  This includes: major breakage, scratches, chips, splinters and abrasions not found in the original product construction.

Acceptance of damaged items implies that you, the buyer, are willing to accept the condition of the order as delivered.  We will repair damaged items as long as you have followed these instructions.  Replacement of damaged items is at the sole discretion of Provident Furniture & Cabinetry, LLC.